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The Worldbuilders of Science Fiction and Fantasy

The boundlessly creative and talented authors, artists, storytellers, conrunners, etc. etc. who bring forth myriad possible worlds of speculative fiction to spark the public imagination.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors, Artists and Other Creatives: their work inspires and entertains audiences, as well as inspires others to develop products that shape our future (although I'm still waiting for my flying car. :p) ....Who are they?

This photo project is to take portraits of these people, perhaps posed with their most famous or loved work, taken on a 4x5 film camera.

I will be photographing for this project at Nebula Awards in Chicago and 2015 Worldcon Sasquan. Most of the "samples" on this page are photos of the "Worldbuilders" I have taken earlier. For the project proper, I hope to reconnect with these authors and redo the portraits with the 4x5 camera. Nevertheless, the project officially started in April 2015...

"Homage to Leonard Nimoy"

For the inaugural image of this project, I photographed Wanda Kurtcu, who is not only a friend but also notably has written one of the more well known episodes of the 2nd season of the Star Trek: Next Generation. The kicker is that it was the first script she had ever written! (-but more on that later.)

Anyway, after finishing photographing, I was about to do our audio interview, when the subject of LeonardNimoy came up. Wanda said that, while they had never actually met, Leonard Nimoy was her mentor and inspiration. Then she mentioned that there was a famous photo of Mr. Nimoy standing in front of his Fairlane automobile. She said she wouldn't presume to copy Mr. Nimoy, but asked wistfully if we might later take a similar photo; just snapshot for her, with a digital camera. 

I thought about it (sadly, mainly about the price of film, at $4 a sheet it IS expensive) and said, "lets go ahead and take out the 4x5 again." I looked at the image on the web ( and said, "I know exactly where there is a power substation right in town!" It was only 10 minutes away and here's the resulting image:


Ann Leckie
Ann Leckie
Gene Wolfe and Richard
Gene Wolfe (and myself)
Chris Garcia
Chris Garcia
Jay Lake
Jay Lake
George R. R. Martin and Martina P.
Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman
  Helen MontgomeryHelen Montgomery
Helen Montgomery



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